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The First Presbyterian Church Prayer Garden located at 101 S. Sutton Drive in Ruidoso, New Mexico offers peace and beauty. The garden is OPEN TO ALL!

By: Rev. Tony Chambless


We are a busy community, of that there is no doubt.  Even those of us who are spending our retirement here in Ruidoso are busier now than we were as members of the workforce.  But there are many aspects of our community that lend themselves to rest and relaxation, too.

Small oases of tranquility, where life slows down and time take a back seat to the here and now, exist.  One such place is located a mere 150 feet from Sudderth Drive, but if you don’t know it is there, you may miss it.


On the north side of First Presbyterian Church you will find a low, southwestern style wall with a well-used gate.  Enter this gate and leave your cares behind you for a while.  Enter a world of lavender, barberry, tiger lilies and desert primrose.  Let the fragrances and cool air wash over you, carrying away the chores that occupy your mind.  Sit on a glider bench and watch hummingbirds dart from flower to shrub in search of the nectar that sustains them.  This is the Prayer Garden at First Presbyterian Church.


Dedicated in 2006, the garden is the creation of local church members past and present.  All labor, materials and plants were donated by the members, and the garden is maintained by the members with guidance from the church secretary, Claudia Martinez. 

“Our Prayer Garden was built to provide the church and our community with a place to escape from being busy, and that would be easy to access for those who are not able to hike into our forests,” she said. “The Garden is open from sunrise to sunset for prayer and meditation.  Photographers and artists are welcome to come and pursue their interests, as well.  All we ask is that everyone who brings food or drinks takes their trash with them when they leave, so everyone can experience the same beauty.”

First Presbyterian Church is located across from McDonald's and next to Lincoln County Medical Center in Ruidoso, New Mexico. 

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