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The work of the Building and Grounds Committee is critical to the daily activities of the church

The purpose of the committee is to provide for the supervision and maintenance for all the 

buildings and grounds of the church.

2024 Chair:  Wayne Ellison


This committee shall organize and facilitate all Christian Education activity.

Responsibilities include interpreting the educational mission of the church, 

youth and adult education activities, and assist the Pastor with special or seasonal programs.

2024 Chair: Carolyn Stover


This committee shall focus on the entire church family, which includes both members and visitors.

The team is responsible for a variety of activities that enhance and sustain the congregational life

of our Church.  

2024 Chair: Carolyn Stover


 This committee shall plan for the gathering of gifts of the people (time, talents, and money)

and wise stewardship of these gifts and church property.  

2024 Chair:  Jacob Rigsby


There shall be a representative nominating committee elected in accordance

with the Book of Order and in compliance with the State Corporation Commission guidelines.

The nominating committee will begin its work no later that September each year and will present

to the Session a slate of candidates for the following positions to be filled: 1) elders on the session,

2) trustees, and 3) clerk of session and treasurer - as needed.

2024 Chair: Wayne Ellison


This committee shall find ways for the church family to serve others in the neighborhood, the town,

surrounding communities, and the larger world.  The committee is responsible for nurturing and maintaining

the Church's connection to the community.  

2024 Chair:  PK Johns


This committee shall provide support and oversight of all staff and all administrative activities,

and develop and implement personnel policies.

2024 Chair:  Jacob Rigsby


This committee in conjunction with the Pastor, shall focus on aspects of worship

and the worship environment.  It is the responsibility of the committee to oversee and maintain

specific elements of the worship in the Church.

2024 Chair:  Marian Carpenter

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