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The session of a particular church (i.e., local congregation) consists of the pastor and the elders in active service. Elders are those members—men and women—who have been called by God to serve the church. That calling is confirmed as the elders are duly nominated by the church's Nominating Committee and duly elected by the congregation and ordained.


The session is responsible for the mission and government of the particular church. It is a body of elected representatives and thus has responsibility and power to provide for the worship, ministry, education, fellowship, mission, service, and life of the church.

Class of 2024

Marian Carpenter
Carolyn Stover


Class of 2025

Wayne Ellison

Jacob Rigsby


Class of 2026

Oggie Whipple

PK Johns

Roger Parker

Brenda Hawthorne - Clerk of Session
Glenn Whipple - Treasurer


Tom Rigsby

Jim Stover

Alan Riches

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